Pushing Through

Philippians 4:13

” I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

I have heard this verse my whole life, reading it numerous times, seeing it on t shirts, encouraging bracelets, and memorizing it for bible points, and even writing it on my bedroom mirror. However As this verse was laid on my heart this week, it sunk in even deeper to my heart. God has been revealing to me that my eating issue is not just the eating part, as much as it is about my own heart and my relationship with Him. I struggle to surrender every part of me to Him. Sometimes I’m afraid of failing, or maybe not being able to finish or give it my all, and sometimes I just flat out can be lazy. The past two weeks have been the most challenging for me. Learning to be disciplined in areas of my life that require me to have self control. I recently listened to this sermon and the pastor said ” Change will cost you something, obedience is costly. If you set out to make a change, and don’t count the cost the reality will set in.” Those words rang in my heart so loudly. I feel like this is so true, sometimes we want things to change, we need change, or need to leave a situation, but we don’t want to fight for it, or make the effort to take that first step to make that change  because it gets too hard. Sometimes the enemy will try to discourage us or try to tempt us to lure us back into the thing that entangles us. I have been having to remind myself that yes it’s not easy breaking something that has been there for a long time, but the pain, the effort, the pushing through is so worth it, the freedom that comes from it, is so much better than being in bondage any longer. So as I keep reading this verse in Philippians I hold to the fact that God will give me the strength to conquer and finish the things He is asking me to do. It’s been a good journey. And I actually have been waking up at the crack of dawn to go walking with my mama and some other great supporters! It’s our third week and yes sometimes I don’t wake up, but I am trying harder this week, and am seeing progress! Third week in eating healthier as well and feeling a difference as well! Not feeling so sluggish! May you keep pushing through no matter where you find yourself! imagesCA3A4U2H

4 thoughts on “Pushing Through

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  1. Counting the cost! Change (obedience) will cost me something. Your words are speaking directly into my heart. Thank you for sharing!


  2. That went in like a dagger as i also deal with being called to surrender all in my own journey. Thank you for sharing your words are a reflection of my self as i relate closely. Those words ring out change will cost.


  3. Val,I wished I could tell you how the Lord has used your obedience in sharing to speak directly to me,I’ve read this and just read again today in my hardship and everything the Lord has spoke to me you have said!!!God is a good Dad!


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