The More You Know

We all have that one favorite subject  we love, and then we all have that one subject we absolutely dread. Learning new things can be fun, and exhausting at the same time and even frustrating. I have never been great at keeping up with reading or studying things in depth.  Well except when it comes to things I really enjoy learning about.

Beginning of week #10!  I can’t believe how far I’ve made it! There is so much to continue to learn. I have learned how important it is to educate yourself on nutrition. Knowing what you are eating and what the benefits are of what you are putting in your mouth makes a huge difference. I’m not here to give you a health lesson on GMO’s, calories or anything, because I’m sure I’m not the best person yet for that! But I hope to be! The more I know and Learn will only help me get closer to my goal! 

Last week I didn’t lose any weight, BUT that’s ok. I’m tracking my diet and seeing what I can change and what I can do in my exercise routine to get me back on track. It’s been emotional these past few weeks. I’ve reached a point where it’s tough and I’ve had to push and pray my way through to not give up! 

We should always be learning new things and ways to improve areas in our lives that are not as strong! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always enjoy it, but I’m trying my best! 

God loves you! Have a blessed week!

 Learning new trails on my running route💪🏽 

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