I have seen people write #goals in a caption to a picture in admiration of a relationship, trip, success, or other different scenarios. We should have goals of things we would like to accomplish. Not that we should try to be like every other person and be a copy of them, but be our own person and set goals that will grow us into the person God desires us to be. Goals help us and encourage us to be better, do better, and challenge us to change whatever might be keeping us from getting to where we would like to be. 

So I am a terrible runner! But one thing I’ve been working on is running a little more every time I go out for a wog (walk/jog). I decided to set for myself the goal of doing a 5k every month and try to improve on my time at each run. My first 5k of the year was this last Saturday. It was so much fun, and it supported a great cause (CASA Superhero run:Court Appointed Special Advocates that help abused and neglected children). It was a lot of fun seeing everyone in their awesome superhero costumes!  

   I am so excited because this has been encouraging me to keep my routine wogging and improve in time for the next run in May! Little goals will lead to bigger goals accomplished. 

What are some easy goals you can set for yourself today? 

Have a great week! Jesus loves you! 


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