Can I Just Just Be Honest?

As I sat down and reflected on the past few months I’m so thankful for honesty and being able to be transparent with others. There is something so freeing about it. Sometimes admitting what your hidden struggles are, aren’t so easy. Not that I go around sharing my junk with everyone, but there’s special moments and opportunities to be able to. Sometimes I just need people to listen, to pray for me, give me some wisdom and insight, truth,  or encouragement

In November of last year I had to let Crossfit go. As hard as that was for me, financially I knew I had to. Leaving meant that I wouldn’t have as much accountability I had and I was going to have to step up my game and help myself continue this journey. But it was also a reminder of all I have learned and take that and use it. Recently I was remembering a conversation I had had with a a former gym friend when I first started crossfit. He had come up to me and told me he wanted to share something with me. He was telling me about his journey of losing weight and where he started. The pics he showed me encouraged me so much. I couldn’t believe how far he had come. As we talked he just told me to keep going and not give up. That it’s hard but it’s worth it. We shared our struggles and insecurities we have had as over weight people. I’ve never really had the opportunity or wanted to share such a personal struggle of being in public through out the years of being an over weight person.

His warm kind listening ears made me feel safe and that I wasn’t being judged. At the end of the day it’s my decision to make the right choices for myself. And even as a believer being obedient to take care of the body God has given me.

I literally have started from scratch. I haven’t don’t much lifting yet but I have been running 2 miles a day with an incredible support system. They probably have no idea how much they mean to me. Today we start 3 miles. The food part which is definitely important, I am still working on! My heart is overwhelmed by the people who are in my life who continue to bless me with just a listening ear, encouragement, truth, and love me unconditionally. That’s a powerful thing!

I pray you have people in your life that can love and encourage you as well!

Jesus loves you! Have a blessed week!!

My challenge to myself this week: what in my current diet can I let go of that holds me back from getting to where I need to be?

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